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Future-Proof Your Operations with Juno Health's Open-Platform Solutions

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Juno Health's open-platform solutions give you maximum flexibility to expand your capabilities while maintaining the integrity of legacy technologies. The results give you a future-proof path to maximize your interoperability with improved efficiency, enhanced security, and minimal disruption. Our innovative cloud-native solutions transform your EHR experience into a connected, patient-centric healthcare environment.

Complete Healthcare System Management

Juno Health provides optimal solutions for effective healthcare system management. Our EHR software streamlines billing processes, optimizes revenue cycles, and offers robust financial management tools, all while ensuring compliance with complex healthcare laws and regulations. Our EHR solutions provide seamless and secure data exchange across systems, improving both patient care and operational efficiency.

Experience Unparalleled Flexibility and Efficiency with Juno Health Solutions

Juno Health stands out in the healthcare industry by offering solutions that IT operations teams love. Flexible open standards allow for interoperability, easy personalization, and adherence to strict compliance standards. This approach leads to minimal errors, streamlined procedures, and transparent communication with patients.

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True System Interoperability

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We understand the critical need for seamless exchange and utilization of information across diverse systems and software. That's why our EHR solutions are built upon open standards, promoting true interoperability and facilitating ownership of your organization's digital transformation journey. With Juno Health, you gain the power to integrate solutions that not only simplify data exchange but also add significant value for both patients and providers.

Harnessing Interoperability

Juno Health recognizes the vital role of system interoperability in healthcare, and our EHR solutions are designed to achieve seamless data exchange and utilization. We are committed to true interoperability that promotes data sharing and collaboration.

With Juno Health's solutions, healthcare organizations see improved efficiency in streamlined workflows, reduced errors resulting from comprehensive data access, and enhanced patient care through holistic information integration.


Embrace Juno Health's Interoperability Solutions for Streamlined Healthcare Efficiency

Interoperability is the foundation of efficient healthcare systems, enabling diverse software and systems to communicate effectively. Juno Health's approach to interoperability is built on open standards, enabling seamless data exchange and fostering collaboration across any of your system’s needs.

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Efficient EHR Usability

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Every minute in healthcare is valuable. EHR design and usability are crucial for swift adoption, increased efficiency, and enhanced patient care. Juno Health understands this importance and builds solutions that are crafted BY clinicians FOR clinicians, drawing on 30 years of experience and prioritizing user needs. Our EHR features a clean and intuitive interface, along with the features you need (and none of those you don't), alleviating the burden on healthcare professionals by providing the necessary tools without unnecessary complexities.

EHR Usability = Accelerating Patient Care

Our clinicians, knowing the significant impact of usability on patient care, have built an efficient EHR by design. Our user-friendly interfaces remove obstacles, keeping critical data where providers can see it within application workflows. Dynamic configuration allows for feature prioritization without costly customization. You get all of what you need and none of what you don’t, meaning fewer hurdles and fewer headaches.


Juno Health Usability Features

  • Juno EHR ProDash is designed to meet physicians’ unique workflow demands. ProDash immediately offers critical patient information, including clinical results that are pending review, indicating when action is needed.
  • Juno Clinical Action Center provides a comprehensive view of all real-time patient data to help enhance overall care efficiencies and care quality—all from one simple-to-use screen.
  • Clinical Content Builder allows the client to design workflows that support the organization's way of doing business. The tool is powerful and intuitive. There are no limitations on users’ ability to design and configure assessments, notes, and flowsheets with discrete information that will support capture of clinical data used for patient care, quality review, and reporting and analytics.

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Maintaining Integrity of Legacy Technologies

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Legacy technologies play a pivotal role in embracing innovation. Our open-platform solutions give you maximum flexibility to expand your capabilities while maintaining the integrity of legacy technologies. The results give you a future-proof path to maximize your interoperability with improved efficiency, enhanced security, and minimal disruption.

Mend & Append: Juno's Integration with Legacy Technology 

Juno Health's solutions are designed to easily work with your legacy technologies to allow you to expand your current tech stack’s capabilities. Our best-of-breed products are backed by a world-class technical support team that will ensure a seamless integration experience.

Future-Proofing Your EHR

Future-proofing is important to us, and we’re committed to continual innovation and the evolution of our healthcare IT solutions. We carefully curate our product roadmap to stay aligned with the ever-changing healthcare landscape, our clients’ diverse needs, and advancements in technology. By focusing on features that bring the most value, we ensure our solutions remain relevant, efficient, and effective.

Working together, we’ll increase your control and performance where it’s needed and give you a path forward to own your digital transformation.

See how easy it is to integrate Juno Health's solutions with your current tech stack. Book a demo with our team!

Data Security & Compliance

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We prioritize the safeguarding of sensitive patient information, and we strictly adhere to healthcare laws and regulations. Our EHR solutions are designed with robust security measures and compliance controls, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data. With USCDI compliance right out of the box and FHIR standards as a starting point, not retrofitted to a legacy system, our solutions offer a solid foundation for meeting regulatory requirements. We use advanced encryption technologies and conduct regular security audits, implementing a multi-layered defense approach that mitigates risks and fosters trust. With Juno Health, you can confidently navigate the complexities of healthcare data security and compliance, allowing you to focus on delivering quality patient care.

Protecting Sensitive Data and Ensuring Compliance

Our approach to data security involves the implementation of advanced encryption technologies and regular security audits to prevent potential breaches and ensure the integrity of sensitive data. We also adhere to stringent compliance standards that align with industry and regulatory requirements, taking necessary steps to ensure continuous compliance. By prioritizing data security and compliance, Juno Health mitigates risks; maintains trust with leadership, customers, and stakeholders; and fosters a culture of security awareness. Our dedication to these areas ensures safe, compliant, and trustworthy operations.

Juno Health's Superior Data Security & Compliance Strategies

Juno Health's robust data security measures offer numerous advantages, including enhanced protection of sensitive data, minimized data breaches, and increased trust with patients and stakeholders. Juno Health's stringent compliance standards provide benefits such as reduced risk of regulatory penalties, an improved reputation, and enhanced trust from all parties involved. What sets Juno Health apart from competitors is its unique security features, comprehensive compliance program, and proactive approach to emerging threats and regulations.

Juno Health goes above and beyond with data security and compliance—grab a demo with our team to see Juno Health in action!


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