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Juno EHR for
Acute Care

Get ahead of clinician burnout and staffing bottlenecks with a healthcare technology solution that transforms the way your clinical teams customize their workflows and deliver patient care.

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Why Juno EHR

Acute Care EHR Built by Clinicians for Clinicians

Our clinical teams understand what you’re up against because they’ve faced the same challenges. Clinicians today are fighting an upward battle as they struggle to meet growing patient demands and adhere to complex workflows. With so many moving parts, your teams need a healthcare technology solution that works the way they do. 

At Juno, our team of clinicians is embedded in every stage of production, from strategy and design to implementation and optimization. Because the best healthcare technology is built by those who use it the most, day in and day out. 

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How We Help

Acute EHR That Has Fewer Hurdles & Fewer Headaches

Juno EHR provides a thoughtful user experience, culminating in better patient administration and outcome management. We remove obstacles to finding critical data by keeping it where providers can see it within the application workflows. Designed by a passionate team of proven innovators and healthcare providers committed to delivering on the promise of healthcare information technology.


Healthcare Innovation at Your Fingertips

When your clinicians have all the tools they need to track outcomes and manage support, they work more efficiently to address patient needs. Give your team peace of mind with the simplicity of a user-friendly, cloud native digital health platform, built for quick navigation and seamless customization.

Cloud Hosted

Minimize IT tasks and automate backups of patient data.


Our solution is designed with USCDI and FHIR-based APIs as well as standards-based coding of data elements in support of interoperability.

Easy Customization

Low-code/no-code modules allow you to update content, workflows, and user access without spending vendor dollars.

Data Capture and Security

Codify data capture for analysis, forecasting, and predictive analytics.


Based on patient's clinical values, ProDash offers real-time information that allows providers to prioritize care as needed.

Quick Navigation & Fly Outs

Access and enter the data you need with fewer clicks, saving time and energy.

Accessible Data

Unlock analytics about staffing and resourcing to inform financial planning and improve profitability.

Total Control

No vendor lock means you’re in charge of your own digital transformation.

Juno EHR ProDash dashboard screenshot
For Physicians

Juno EHR ProDash

Juno EHR ProDash is designed to meet the unique workflow demands of physicians. ProDash immediately offers critical patient information, including clinical results that are pending review—indicating when action is needed.

Physicians are able to click on any link from the single ProDash screen, and easily return to the main screen after they have completed their review. From there, physicians can perform any critical workflow step, which includes:

  • Ordering
  • Updating the problem list
  • Performing medical reconciliation
  • Completing documentation
  • Reviewing and signing off on results
  • ePrescribing 
Juno EHR Clinical Action Center dashboard screenshot
For Clinicians

Juno EHR Clinical Action Center

Provides a comprehensive view of all real-time patient data to help enhance overall care efficiencies and care quality—all from one simple-to-use screen.

Gain a complete snapshot of all clinician-assigned patients in My Patient Overview within the Patient Center:

  • New orders
  • Medications due
  • Upcoming tasks
  • New clinical results
Juno EHR Clinical Content Builder dashboard screenshot
For Your Organization

Juno EHR Clinical Content Builder

By design, Juno EHR was developed to provide the optimal flexibility to configure the system to the specific organization's needs without dependency on the vendor.

The Clinical Content Builder allows the client to design workflows that support the organization's way of doing business. The tool is powerful and intuitive. There are no limitations on the user's ability to design and configure assessments, notes, flowsheets with discrete data that will support capture of clinical data used for patient care, quality review and reporting and analytics.