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Health IT Answers: One Size Does Not Fit All – Personalized EHRs Support Healthcare Transformation

| April 11, 2024 | By
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In the healthcare sector, the quest for enhanced work process efficiency is universally acknowledged as a pivotal strategy for slashing costs and elevating the standard of patient care. Yet, the journey toward transformation is often thwarted by the cumbersome legacy of electronic healthcare record (EHR) systems.

Next-generation EHRs, however, offer a beacon of hope, particularly through their personalization options. Our own Ashley Lee, Program Manager at Juno Health, outlines these options in a recent article published by HIT Answers. These advancements promise to alleviate healthcare professionals' frustrations with legacy EHR systems, offering a brighter future for healthcare efficiency.

A standout report by KLAS underscores the profound impact customizable documentation methods have on doctor satisfaction with EHR systems. This leap in usability is nothing short of critical. The alternative – clinicians’ reversion to paper records amid legacy EHR frustrations – spells inefficiency and escalated costs.

More customizable EHR systems enable doctors to access patient information on the go, such as reviewing vital signs and laboratory results on their mobile devices just before a consultation. Juno EHR facilitates this by using real-time data and is accessible on any web-connected mobile device. This allows doctors to rapidly and accurately collect patient information through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Furthermore, nurses and physicians can customize their workflows using a unified interface, similar to customizing an Internet browser. Juno EHR's Clinical Content Builder simplifies the customization process, enabling healthcare professionals to design their workflows from the ground up or modify existing ones to better suit their individual requirements. This level of customization empowers healthcare professionals, making them feel valued and in control of their work processes.

Juno EHR systems offer advantages beyond the immediate benefit to healthcare providers, enhancing the efficiency of the entire healthcare facility. The variety of customization options available using our advanced technology plays a significant role in streamlining operations by advancing EHR personalization.

Features that allow for the creation of templates, macros, and shortcuts facilitate smoother documentation processes, while other customization tools enhance the efficiency of data retrieval and sharing. Positioning the correct information where it's needed, precisely when it's needed, results in more effective outcomes that benefit patient care and the operational aspects of healthcare delivery.

“One-size-fits-all” EHRs have held healthcare back. Understanding how EHR pain points hamper care and the bottom line clarifies how Juno Health’s EHR technology can unlock healthcare efficiency and care quality.

Contact us here to learn how Juno EHR can reduce clinician burnout and transform how your clinical teams customize their workflows to deliver care.