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Juno EHR – Designed for Clinicians by Clinicians to Solve EHR’s Problems

| May 12, 2021 | By
Young adult nurse looking series with team of clinicians talking in the background

The delivery of healthcare today is overly stressful for both patients and doctors. Patients want better access to their information and to be actively engaged in their own care. Doctors want to spend more time with patients but face intense time pressures.

Existing EHR solutions contribute greatly to this problem, because they are not designed by people who truly understand the healthcare workflow. Juno EHR is different. Juno EHR had been designed by a diverse team of developers, nurses, physicians and pharmacists who are committed to delivering on the promise of EHR technology by giving power to providers.

This understanding of unique healthcare workflows is critical. 70 percent of doctors using EHRs attribute the bulk of their administrative burden to the software, according to a 2017 study. A study last year published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open identified the top seven workflow and design problems with typical EHRs:

  • Excessive data entry requirements: 86.9 percent.
  • Long cut-and-pasted notes: 75.2 percent.
  • Lack of access to data from other institutions: 73.1 percent.
  • Billing-related notes: 73.1 percent.
  • Work-life balance disruption: 63.1 percent.
  • Posture issues from EHR use: 51.1 percent.
  • Pain issues from EHR use: 47.5 percent.

However, doctors’ opinion of EHRs improved when their medical institutions made efforts to optimize how the software is used -i.e., adjusted to account for real-world needs of healthcare environments. Why not design those realities into EHR design from the start?

Juno EHR does this by streamlining workflows and navigation and putting relevant patient information in the same location regardless of application. This allows providers to focus on the care that matters most. Juno EHR is also highly flexible, allowing organizations to modify and create new fields to meet their unique workflow needs.

Juno EHR leverages advanced technology to create a cloud-based infrastructure that keeps patient information updated and secure while also avoiding “vendor lock.” The cloud-based infrastructure is also less costly, simplifying system maintenance and lessening the need for large in-house IT staffs.

Juno EHR is committed to leaving provider burnout behind and leading an Electronic Health Revolution.