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Juno EHR for Behavioral Health

Give your teams a flexible behavioral health EHR solution that allows for seamless interoperability without sacrificing patient confidentiality.

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Juno EHR for Behavioral Health is an intuitive solution that offers the personalization your organization needs to adapt to individual needs and keep up with regulatory changes. It provides real-time patient information, convenient review options, and makes it easy to create and maintain the Golden Thread. Multiple clinicians can easily attach assessments and notes directly to the treatment plan, preventing gaps in patient information.

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Why Juno EHR

Break Down Data Silos

Your behavioral health team’s productivity is only as strong as their ability to work cross-departmentally with shared resources and shared objectives. With a single enterprise data repository, information can be entered, shared as appropriate, updated, and secured without paper, printing, faxing, and repeated data entry.

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How We Help

Uphold Patient Confidentiality 

When it comes to behavioral health electronic health records, data privacy and confidentiality have to come first. With Juno EHR, you can prevent unauthorized access of sensitive behavioral health or substance abuse data, including psychotherapy notes or information about substance use or abuse, other forms of abuse, and so on. In doing so, you can maintain compliance and mitigate patient concerns all at once. 

EHR Highlights

Healthcare Technology That Works Like You Do

We understand the challenges your behavioral health teams face as caseloads mount. Staff members are under more pressure to deliver with fewer resources in hand. But with Juno's Behavioral Health EHR solution, you can centralize patient records under a single dashboard, maintain schedules, and uphold patient confidentiality at all times. 

Cloud Hosted

Minimize IT tasks and automate backups of patient data.


Our solution is designed with USCDI and FHIR-based APIs as well as standards-based coding of data elements in support of interoperability.

Easy Customization

Low-code/no-code modules allow you to update content, workflows, and user access without spending vendor dollars.

Data Capture and Security

Codify data capture for analysis, forecasting, and predictive analytics.

Group Note

Compile complex patient records within a single dashboard.

Robust Scheduling

Organize internal visits, groups, treatments, and external consultations.

Assessments & Templates

Over 150 behavioral health specific assessments and documentation tools included.

Documentation & Data Sharing

The Golden Thread promotes the ability to consistently collect, present and update client information between assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes.

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For Medical Teams

Manage Group Therapy Documentation

Chasing patient documentation across multiple platforms wastes resources—both time and money. With Juno EHR for Behavioral Health, you have a single EHR data system from which you can extract critical patient information in a fraction of the time. Using specialized tools such as the Clinical Content Builder and Group Notes, you can draft template-driven documentation and share multiple patient records instantaneously.

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For Better Collaboration

Streamline Your Case Management

With ProDash, mental health and substance abuse care teams can better manage client cases and track workload at a glance. Simple data extracts and robust analytics streamline the patient documentation process and improve data entry efficiency.

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For Your Organization

Customize Your Reporting

We know that creating reports looks different from one healthcare organization to the next and from one department to another. Customizable reports serve as the basis for transformation as you execute forecasting, population health management, and quality initiatives. Juno EHR for Behavioral Health marries the best of both worlds so you can get the customization you need to stay nimble while also complying with local and state reporting requirements. 

Juno EHR for Behavioral Health was developed with the assistance of Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.