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The Right EHR Drives Employee Experience and Patient Care

Male nurse using EHR software on a tablet to share data with their patient and improve patient care
The EHR you choose should be the superhero of your facility—from the back of the house to the front lines. The right EHR should marry seamless functionality with a patient focus, closing gaps to improve care quality.

Alleviate Clinician Workloads

With a solution that emphasizes productivity and efficiency, you can streamline tasks, processes, and workflows in innovative ways. The result? Less burnout and more time to focus on patients. 

Elevate Patient Care

Juno Health offers solutions—designed BY clinicians, FOR clinicians—devoted to improving patient care. Achieve the best health outcomes with an EHR partner who solves the most significant care delivery challenges.

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Save with a Personalized Cloud EHR Implementation Tailored to Your Needs

Abstract blue and purple dots representing the cloud and networks needed for streamlined EHR implementation
Get the right tools to meet administrative and patient care needs. Juno EHR helps streamline workflows, eliminate workarounds, and provide just the right level of personalization to accommodate the unique ways you work.

Our Solutions Fit Your Budget and Meet Performance Goals

Using an ineffective EHR can have lasting financial and operational effects. If a workflow doesn't align, the team has to create a workaround, which is a recipe for burnout. And if something goes wrong, you have to wait for the vendor to fix it, which is costly and impedes care. You need an EHR implementation that doesn’t break the bank but still aligns with clinician workflows and the facility's long-term goals and objectives.

Juno EHR Delivers Long-Term Savings and Streamlines Operations

Traditional EHR implementation can be costly thanks to setup and maintenance. Cloud-based EHRs provide valuable savings. 

Juno EHR’s cloud-based infrastructure means you don’t need to worry about in-house IT staff and data storage. And you can put the money you save right back into improving health equity and care quality.

  • Reduce paper-related expenses and make medical decisions by sharing the right information at the right time via APIs.
  • Make resources and funds available to improve operational efficiency and service delivery. 
  • Generate detailed reports to uncover ROI and identify gaps to improve patient care.

The right EHR solution works wonders, helping healthcare facilities operate more efficiently—and increasing revenue and optimizing resource utilization along the way.

Check Out Juno’s Clinical Action Center

Built-In EHR Personalization and Compliance Solutions for Now and for the Future

Clinician using Juno EHR at hospital
EHR compliance + robust personalization = outstanding patient care. Juno EHR provides a safe way to store and share patient information within established guidelines—without sacrificing your ability to make informed decisions or provide consistent care. Integrate the system into your existing workflows to avoid disruption and account for the needs of your healthcare specialty.

Juno Health Is Built for Modern EHR Compliance

Stay in check at all times. Juno EHR is built with today’s compliance standards and regulations in mind, integrating real-time updates and customizable clinical guidelines powered by machine learning, so you always know your facility is on top of things.

And to help even more, Juno’s EHR generates detailed reports, assessing your regulation compliance. Lift the reporting burden off your shoulders with an EHR configuration designed to both handle this and identify quality improvement initiatives your facility can act on.

Keeping Up with Evolving Medical Policies & Regulations

Juno EHR is built with EHR compliance standards in mind, so you can check all the boxes right out of the gate:

ISO 9001

But we know things are always changing. That’s why Juno Health acts as a long-term partner to accommodate future standards. Our EHR is constantly updated with the latest medical policies, regulations, and compliance standards.

That doesn’t mean compliance is completely restrictive. As your partner, Juno provides flexibility to personalize the solution to your healthcare system’s needs and help you easily scale into specialty care arenas. That means if your facility is focused on maternity, cardio, or another specialty, Juno’s EHR can be completely personalized and scaled for this.

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Simplifying EHR Implementation

Female nurse using EHR after a successful EHR implementation
Trying to get by with clunky systems? Make a change to refocus on patient care. The Juno EHR solution is user-friendly, putting key data within reach. It’s simplified so you get all of what you need and none of what you don’t, and we get you up and running to help you proceed with confidence. Juno Health's Pro Services Team will be your guide to propel your digital transformation.

Overcome EHR Implementation and Training Hurdles

EHR adoption and implementation don’t have to be difficult! Juno Health is there from day one and offers continued training to help lower the learning curve, get everyone on the same page, and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Juno Overcomes Six EHR Implementation Challenges

What’s your biggest hangup in getting a new solution up and running? Juno approaches every implementation from several angles to ensure successful EHR adoption: 

  1. Consultation and planning to understand your healthcare organization's specific needs and workflows. We work closely with leadership and IT teams to plan your implementation.
  2. Personalization to tailor your implementation to your specific needs. We’ll help you save time managing records, provide support for back-office initiatives, and facilitate care coordination. The easy-to-use interface helps you get information with fewer clicks and streamline workflows to get more done.
  3. Data migration to transition from paper-based records or another EHR system. Juno Health migrates existing patient data into your new Juno EHR system so you don’t miss anything.
  4. Training and education to get up to speed quickly. Juno Health provides training—available either on-site or online—to ensure successful implementation and full EHR adoption. And because the system interface is similar across roles, team members can easily help one another, too!
  5. Support and assistance to get ongoing support during and after your EHR implementation. We help you learn your new EHR faster by giving you access to a team that understands you’re not a technology organization. We’re always there to:
    • Troubleshoot issues
    • Answer questions
    • Solve challenges
  6. Integration with existing systems to ensure that Juno EHR works effectively with all your moving pieces, such as billing, laboratory, or pharmacy systems. Our technology is built to enable scaling too, so you can always come back and integrate new tools.

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Improve Workflow Management

Abstract workflows concept showing hands on a laptop keyboard with hovering blue icons of gears, folders, arrows, and a magnifying glass
Efficient workflows are the key to managing patient data, which unlocks insights to provide effective care. Juno works to meet your unique needs.

Eliminate Clinician Workflow Challenges

Don’t let quality suffer. Your patients are No. 1, but so many unknowns can disrupt workflows and impact their care, including: 

  • System unavailability: System downtime prevents healthcare providers from accessing patient information. 
  • User interface and usability: Non-intuitive EHR interfaces create frustration and reduce productivity.
  • Data entry and documentation: Inputting information requires too much time inside inefficient systems.
  • Interoperability: Different EHR systems and vendors use distinct data formats and standards that interfere with data sharing and care coordination. 
  • Errors and data integrity: Using EHR systems improperly—such as entering data incorrectly or transferring incorrect information between records—can introduce errors and even harm patient safety.

Juno Optimizes Clinician Workflows 

When you have a system that aligns with your facility's needs, you'll be on your way to achieving better processes, improving EHR workflows, and elevating patient care. Our EHR offers personalized templates, automated workflows, and user-friendly interfaces to ease your administrative burden and enhance staff productivity. Take time back to focus on patient care and satisfaction with an EHR that:

  • Identifies and eliminates care gaps.
  • Generates actionable reporting and analytics.
  • Enables you to implement targeted interventions and monitor treatment plans.

Learn more about intentionally improving clinician workflows—read our Meaningful EHR Usability whitepaper.

Evaluating the Right EHR System

Chief medical officer meeting with clinical team to evaluate the current EHR
Chief medical officers (CMOs) and hospital directors have to coordinate with doctors and executives, enforce clinical guidelines, and spearhead the transition to value-based care. On top of all that, they’re responsible for making the critical decision of which EHR system is right for them. So where do you start? With an EHR evaluation.

How to Audit Your Current System

Think it’s time to make a move to a new EHR system? These are a few of the signs you need a new solution:

  • Your current solutions aren’t personalized, and you have to meet the needs of your specialty—whether that’s primary care, OB-GYN, or something else.
  • Your current tool set lacks vendor support, and you need a solution that bundles onboarding, training, and support to shorten the learning curve, get quick answers to questions, and obtain ongoing support.
  • Your current EHR doesn’t provide interoperability, and you need a solution that can share information between systems—old to new EHR, billing, and so on—while providing flexibility to integrate up-and-coming tools.

How to Evaluate EHR Vendors

In a sea of options, it’s tough to catch that prized fish. You need to know how to choose an EHR system—and it really comes down to features and capabilities. Ask yourself these important questions as you consider individual options:

  • Does this solution provide adequate functionality?
  • Can it integrate across operations?
  • Will it give access to training materials and support staff?
  • Does this solution have options for on-premises or cloud deployment?
  • Can it generate reporting to adhere to government standards?
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