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The EHR Revolution: Finally an EHR NOT Built for Billing Purposes Only

| April 28, 2021 | By
Happy nurse

While there is no shortage of news and research that points to EHR burnout and frustration, critics are now pointing out how many EHRs are built for billing, not patient care.

According to a recent study by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the overall usability of current EHR systems received a grade of F by physician users when evaluated using a standardized metric of technology usability. In addition, an analysis of the study by Healthcare IT News said that many EHRs are too focused on federal meaningful use mandates and the billing imperatives.

As highlighted in a recent National Academy of Medicine report, the next-generation of EHRs should offer the following features, which extend beyond just billing, and focus on enhancing patient care:

  • Easy retrieval of accurate, timely, and reliable native and imported data
  • Simple and intuitive data presentation
  • Easy navigation
  • Provide evidence at the point of care to aid decision making
  • Enhance workflow, automates mundane tasks, and streamlines work, without increasing physical or cognitive workload
  • Easy transfer of information to and from other organizations and clinicians
  • No unanticipated downtime

What’s needed is a tool that leverages the latest technology to deliver better usability, flexibility, and value, designed by clinicians who truly understand the healthcare workflow.

Offering an empowering user experience that is both simple and intuitive for enhancing care, Juno EHR meets all of these requirements with its open platform built to leverage cutting-edge technologies from today and tomorrow.