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PODCAST: Health IT Thought-Leaders Discuss The Electronic Health Revolution

| June 29, 2021 | By
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The Electronic Health Revolution is transforming today’s healthcare landscape with DSS’ new Juno EHR solution leading the way.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, this next-generation EHR overcomes today’s EHR burnout issues by streamlining workflows and navigation – empowering caregivers with one comprehensive solution.

With an ongoing vision of improving healthcare delivery, the company is also developing a future-focused, open architecture that will allow a broader set of commercialized solutions to integrate into it. Juno EHR will be part of this larger, data-centric platform.

With its 30-year legacy, DSS will continue to be on the forefront of delivering cutting-edge innovations that put the patient at the center of care. Juno EHR and the company’s presence at HIMSS20 is another step into future of health IT innovation.

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • More about Christopher’s background as a health IT thought leader. (:56)
  • How the Juno EHR solution will be driving the Electronic Health Revolution at HIMSS20. (1:55)
  • More about the larger ecosystem of commercial innovations that DSS will be showcasing at the conference. (4:25)
  • An introduction to Danielle and her background as a nursing informatics influencer. (6:48)
  • How Danielle sees the value of Juno EHR being designed by clinicians for clinicians. (8:13)
  • An open discussion about how Juno EHR enhances the continuum of care, is ideal for rural hospitals, as well as how data interoperability drives value-based care, and much more. (9:08)