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Juno RxTracker: An Easy-to-Implement E-Prescribing Software

| January 7, 2021 | By
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Since the widespread adoption of digital technology, electronic prescribing, otherwise known as e-prescribing, has become an essential tool for healthcare providers to manage patients' prescriptions efficiently.

Juno Health, a leading healthcare technology company, has introduced its innovative e-prescribing solution called Juno RxTracker. Designed BY clinicians FOR clinicians, Juno RxTracker aims to revolutionize the e-prescribing process, making it smarter, faster, and safer than ever before.

An Insightful Interview with the GM of Juno RxTracker

Our conversation starts with an insider's view of this innovative e-prescribing software. The interview also provides enlightening insight into the changing landscape of e-prescribing, which has been evolving since it started in 2003 under the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA).

The Booming Growth of E-Prescribing

The world of electronic prescribing is going through a massive growth phase with more and more individual practices adopting this efficient technology. This surge is poised to continue with the new mandate for the use of electronic prescribing of controlled substance (EPCS) technology. The EPCS system is designed to increase the safety of prescribing controlled substances and to reduce fraud and abuse. This new mandate has caused many practices to look into their current software systems and determine if they are compliant or not with this new regulation.

As of Jan. 1, 2021, providers are now required to employ an EPCS solution for e-prescribing controlled substances. With the correct e-prescribing partner, providers can easily adapt to these changes, streamline their prescribing process, and stay compliant with the new regulations.

With the right e-prescribing partner, you can easily get up and running with a solution that both meets the requirements and simplifies the entire prescribing process. E-prescribing can be a great tool for providers to stay compliant and streamline their prescription processes.

Introducing Juno RxTracker: A Streamlined, EPCS-Certified E-Prescribing Solution

Juno Health is launching its Juno RxTracker solution, which offers streamlined e-prescribing for faster, intuitive, clinician-built workflows. With Juno RxTracker, Juno Health is offering a solution that integrates with existing systems and offers clinician-built workflows. It’s also an EPCS-certified solution that boosts patient safety through an automated electronic prescription process for all medications, including controlled substances.

The Benefits of E-Prescribing

Juno RxTracker was created with the evolving landscape of e-prescribing in mind and offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of healthcare providers. By leveraging e-prescribing software, Juno RxTracker saves valuable time and enhances workflow efficiency.

The software is specifically designed to meet EPCS requirements, ensuring the secure and automated electronic prescription process for all medications, including controlled substances. Here are some of the benefits of e-prescribing with Juno RxTracker:

  • Eliminates paper prescriptions and reduces costs associated with processing and distributing paper records
  • Reduces administrative burden by automating the prescription process
  • Improves patient safety thanks to reduced potential for human error

Juno RxTracker: An Easy-to-Implement E-Prescribing Software

One of the remarkable features of Juno RxTracker is its easy setup and implementation for providers. It's designed to be a simple yet powerful tool for healthcare professionals, aligning seamlessly with their existing workflows.

As the world of healthcare moves toward digital solutions, it's essential to have an e-prescribing partner you can trust. At Juno Health, we're here to help guide you through the journey. Visit us for more information on our e-prescribing solutions. Our RxTracker solution helps prescribers improve their workflows, reduce errors, and increase patient safety.

Highlights from the Interview:

  • A high-level overview of e-prescribing (0:42)
  • About the role of e-prescribing and controlled substances 1:21)
  • About the EPCS mandate and the upcoming deadline for compliance for individual practices (01:01)
  • About the new Juno RxTracker e-prescribing solution (10:00)
  • How Juno RxTracker offers a super-easy setup and implementation for providers (14:00)