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Thrive with EHR Personalization Across All Hospital Operations

Liberate clinical teams and watch the benefits trickle down throughout the entire organization.


Enhanced Care Quality

Stop relying on vendors to make key changes. Take a self-directed approach to real-time workflow updates and keep patient care at the core.


Learn and Use Easily

Keep your sanity with a tool that’s made BY clinicians FOR clinicians. The quick learning curve helps you keep your cool, backed by a consistent interface that enables all roles to guide and support one another!

Function Autonomously

Stop playing phone tag with your vendor! Create and manage personalized workflows based on your needs and regulatory requirements. 


Track Data Seamlessly

Don’t get lost in your data. Organize information by subject matter to ease the flow of documentation, plus leverage industry-standard and facility-based coding to track and store data.


Fulfill Your Quadruple Aim

Your EHR should check four key boxes: Enhance patient experience, improve population health, reduce costs, and improve work life.


Make Your EHR Work for You

Take the driver’s seat instead of riding shotgun to your tech. Personalize your EHR by facility level or role without maxing out your budget.


Do Everything in One Place

Go full speed ahead—not stuck in neutral. Do everything in one EHR platform—no more manual processes or solutions that don’t talk to each other. 


Scale Over Time

Get growing! When business needs a change, add service lines and functionality to get more from your investment as you grow.


Improve Efficiency and Stay Within Budget

Don’t bend over backwards or stress your IT team. Create a setup that makes it simple to implement changes in-house, or turn to Juno Health for low-cost assistance.


Keep Control In-House

Vendor, schmendor. Take the reins to make changes and updates internally and avoid granting third-party access to your system.


Standardize Processes

All in one? Yes, please! Do everything under one roof instead of investing in more software to handle what legacy EHR systems don’t.

Personalization vs. configuration vs. Customization

Get the most from your system. EHR personalization is easier than customization and enables you to do more than configuration. Look at how all three stack up:


Implementing system changes that often require downtime—including off-site code rewrites and vendor support—and additional costs


Inputting data that “checks the boxes” rather than implementing features that personalize the system and make life easier


Making the system your own, including implementing changes on-site and in real time instead of farming it out to a vendor

Keeping clinicians happy with workflows that work for them—all while improving patient experiences and population health, plus reducing costs

Watch this 4-minute video to see the difference personalization makes.

EHR Personalization:
Driving Clinical Efficiency by Going Beyond EHR Customization

Personalization is the next driving force in the EHR evolution aimed at reducing clinician burnout. Where is your organization on its journey? Take our assessment to understand your personalization maturity and get actionable next steps on the road to EHR personalization.

Question 1 of 8

Are your clinical teams out of gas and feeling exhausted?

Question 2 of 8

Does maintaining data and patient care leave your team falling behind the pace?

Question 3 of 8

Do standard workflows tend to stop short of your specialized needs?

Question 4 of 8

Does every customization require a lengthy pit stop that drains significant time and money on vendor support?

Question 5 of 8

Are you stuck at the crossroads between the updates you need and the ones you have time and money for?

Question 6 of 8

Do you wish you could accelerate EHR changes by giving the keys to your in-house team?

Question 7 of 8

Does your organization need personalized workflows for each role or facility in order to fire on all cylinders?

Question 8 of 8

Are you struggling to change lanes and keep up with regulatory changes?

One Size Fits None

Oh no! It sounds like your organization is stuck in neutral with a rigid EHR and the challenges that come with it. Your clinicians are feeling trapped due to overcomplicated workflows and documentation, and your current EHR is a bit of a lemon. Let's talk about how to shift into drive and get started with personalization.

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Halfway There

There’s always room for improvement! It sounds like your organization is moving along but is stuck in the slow lane, held back by budgets, vendors, and—even more likely—clinician burnout. Look for your opening to improve your EHR efficiency and kick personalization into the next gear. We’ll show you how.

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Personalization Pros

Green means go! It sounds like your organization puts the pedal to the metal in four-wheel drive. You know the power of personalization and where it can take you, but does your vendor put roadblocks in the way? Get a look at the new paths you can take with EHR personalization.

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