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HIT Consultant: Nurse Burnout Even Bigger Challenge Than Physician Burnout

| January 28, 2022 | By
Burned out nurse sitting on the floor crying

The pandemic has pushed nurses to the brink. A recent survey by the American Nurses Association reports that 51 percent of nurses feel overwhelmed, 76 percent report exhaustion and burnout, and nurse-to-patient workloads have tripled. Hospitals function on the back of nurses, and the current burnout levels cannot be sustained.

In addition to the pandemic, Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems share a big part of the blame. EHRs were introduced to the healthcare ecosystem to streamline document workflows and make sharing of patient information easier.

But EHR systems have fallen far short of their promise – leading to clinician stress and burnout and less time for interaction with patients. In a 2019 JAMA survey, more than half of the issues associated with clinician stress and burnout stemmed from inefficient EHR systems.

These were the key themes of a recent HIT Consultant guest article by Dr. John M. Ciccone, Chief Medical Officer, DSS, Inc., titled, “Nurse Burnout Even Bigger Challenge Than Physician Burnout.”

The article also highlighted how better healthcare IT that requires less time spent with the EHR – and more time at the bedside – will significantly reduce crushing workloads. This is what Juno EHR offers to the marketplace.

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