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MedCity News: Bringing the Human Element Back to Healthcare

| December 7, 2021 | By
Adult male clinician helping young patient

The foundation for optimal care is the trust between patients and providers, which builds better communication and leads to real conversations. This connection is also the only real way to create ongoing patient satisfaction.

Unfortunately, much of this is lost today due to health IT innovations that remove the human element of patient care. Studies show that more time is spent on documenting care than actually delivering care. This is why we need to bring the human element back to the healthcare arena – by leveraging innovations that put the patient-provider connection front-and-center.

These were the key themes of a recent MedCity News guest article by Dr. John M. Ciccone, Chief Medical Officer, DSS, Inc., titled, “Bringing the Human Element Back to Healthcare.”

The article also discusses how today’s technologies are so antiquated that they are creating unprecedented levels of physician and nurse burnout, spoiling careers and costing medicine many talented practitioners. As a solution, we need health innovations that deliver enhanced automation, streamline workflows and create a better quality of life for caregivers – which is what Juno EHR offers to the marketplace.

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