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Take 4 minutes to see what a user-friendly EHR really looks like.

Juno EHR offers streamlined and customizable workflows, while also providing a holistic view of all relevant patient data to help nurses and clinicians to easily focus on the right patient need at the right time.



The PHYSICIANS' Dashboard

Introducing Juno EHR ProDash, the comprehensive solution to your workflow challenges. Juno EHR ProDash saves time, makes accessing information easier, and gives both healthcare providers and their patients peace of mind every step along the way, from admission to discharge. This intuitive, all-in-one module is user-friendly, customizable, and designed to meet your demands. 

Its robust features quickly bring attention to what’s needed, cut down on redundancies, allow you to easily switch between tasks and patients, and help prevent crucial details from falling through the cracks. Built by clinicians for clinicians, Juno EHR ProDash is made to anticipate your unique needs, in order to remove the obstacles that get in the way of you delivering outstanding care for your patients. 

clinical action center + CLIN DOC

The CLINICIAN'S Snapshot

With the Juno EHR Clinical Action Center, weak workflows, miscommunication, and difficult navigation will no longer get in the way of efficient patient care. This comprehensive record-keeping solution is intuitive, easy to use, and customizable to individual workflows, helping clinicians organize, track and review patient information in a timely manner. 

Juno EHR Clinical Action Center gives clinicians the flexibility to see as much or as little detail as they need, including precautions, current medications, lab results, background and more. With an electronic healthcare record that works the way your clinicians do, shifts, patients, and information can all be managed better. 

Clin Doc makes in-depth monitoring, documenting, and managing patient care simple. It allows clinicians to document vital signs, pain, communications, assessments and other important information over a specific period, view notes across the system, and assess and determine the proper course of action. Clinicians can also access quick overviews through Clin Doc, where they can view patient information, place an order, or view labs right from the module. 

Ready for workflows that work the way you do?

Request a demo to see how ProDash and the Clincial Action Center can provide a better user-experience for your clincial teams.