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Three With a SME: Customer Support that Puts the Patient First with Brian Hatten, Senior Manager, Juno Health Technical Services

| April 1, 2024 | By
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Brian Hatten, Senior Manager, Juno Health Technical Services, recently sat down with the Juno Health blog editorial team to share his insights into why our customer support services are unique in the health IT industry.

In the following Q&A, Brian also discusses how Juno Health’s customer support always puts the patient first and is staffed by U.S.-based employees. As a division of DSS, Inc., Juno Health’s customer support team is backed by more than 30 years of world-class technical support.

The following has been edited for length and clarity.


Q: Please tell us why efficient and effective customer support is critical in the health IT arena.

Hatten: At Juno Health, our core mission revolves around the patient. Our focus is squarely on patient care and safety. I often remind my team not to view incoming tickets as mere issues to resolve, but rather as critical components impacting patient well-being.

Each ticket submitted directly influences the quality of care provided. Consider it this way: imagine a loved one in that hospital. If our products fail to function optimally, the patient suffers. Even seemingly minor inefficiencies can result in tangible consequences, such as a provider seeing fewer patients in a day. This perspective guides our approach.

Our colleagues at DSS who primarily work with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) convey a similar message tailored to Veterans, making it easier to emphasize the impact of our work on their care. Ultimately, whether it's Veterans or patients in general, they are the ultimate beneficiaries of our products fulfilling their purpose.


Q: Please tell us how Juno Health’s customer support efforts are unique.

Hatten: Absolutely. We're proud to be U.S.-based and offer round-the-clock, 24/7 support. This ensures that whenever a customer reaches out, they will connect with a knowledgeable representative based in the U.S. who will assist in resolving any issues they may encounter.

We also don’t use outside third parties to manage our customer support efforts, ensuring a better experience and a more personalized touch for our clients.

One of the standout qualities of DSS that has kept me here for so long is its strong, family-like culture. Despite having over 700 employees, DSS has always had this sense of closeness and belonging. This culture plays a significant role because the people we bring on board not only come to work, they come to love the company.

This translates into the quality of service they provide, treating it as if it were their own. This level of dedication ensures that they're invested in the success of the products.

Conversely, in other companies where there might not be that same familial bond, even if individuals possess strong work ethics and genuine care, the lack of connection can impact the level of service customers receive.


Q: Please tell us how Juno Health’s customer support services are backed by DSS, Inc.’s world-class technical support team.

Hatten: Having the DSS technical support teams behind us has been invaluable. Previously, we often categorized DSS into two distinct entities: government and commercial. However, this classification didn't accurately capture our diverse client base, which includes state governments and federal customers.

Since assuming this position, I've appreciated the benefits of having a well-established team. Those who have worked with the VA for many years bring with them invaluable processes, best practices, and a wealth of experience. Having access to these resources has been immensely beneficial. It allows us to seek guidance, address specific questions, and determine the best course of action for various situations.

Though, we must be highly adaptable. Each customer presents unique requirements, and every implementation varies. Juno Health, with its configuration-based products, empowers customers like never before. Consequently, our support must be incredibly flexible, and capable of embracing change. Fortunately, my team excels in this regard.

In addition, we found that 89 percent of first-time requests from customers were handled directly by our service desk in 2023, which is 12 percent better than the national average. In terms of customer satisfaction, we also scored a 4.8 out of 5, which means “very satisfied” in ratings from Survey Sparrow.

Coming from a military background myself, I value adaptability. My team demonstrates this quality remarkably well; they tackle challenges head-on and swiftly. While we benefit from the DSS support team's experience, we also recognize the importance of our independent growth and remain mindful of the evolving landscape.

Please contact us here to learn more about Juno Health’s suite of solutions that not only enhance the user experience through personalization, but are backed by world-class customer support.