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Juno Emergency Services Solution

Eliminate clunky workflows and break down complex configurations so your emergency services department can think quickly and act fast as hectic schedules unfold. 

Team of doctors and nurses pushing a patient in a gernie running down a hospital emergency room hallway
Juno Health JESS Dashboard


Juno Emergency Services Solution is your comprehensive ED management system. It monitors every patient, from the moment of arrival to discharge, and every crucial second in between. Its intuitive design and layout make it easy to document each record, saving time that can be spent face-to-face with patients. Plus, smart features such as automated prompts and Clinical Decision Support help reduce errors and promote better patient outcomes.

Doctor and nurse wearing masks working together on a computer on wheels (COW)
Why Juno Emergency Services Solution

Monitoring Made Easy

Emergency departments are too often bogged down by clunky workflows, complex configurations, and single-use tech that leads to costly implementation. We’ve worked with clinicians like yours to streamline these operations through succinct, easy-to-access, real-time patient monitoring and reporting—because your busy staff shouldn’t have to waste time sifting through paperwork or referencing outdated documentation.

Nurse holding patients hand
How We Help

Patient Outcomes Put First

With fewer hurdles to overcome and less stress on their minds, your emergency department clinical staff can focus on achieving positive patient outcomes. With rapid charts and insurance eligibility verification, your teams can address patient needs more quickly and capture meaningful analytics about patient care across the healthcare continuum. 

EHR Highlights

Simple Solutions for Complex Clinical Challenges

With real-time reporting, rapid charts, and built-in ICD-10 coding, your ED team can deliver a higher quality of care and better patient outcomes. Our mission is to support people over products throughout acquisition and post-acquisition so that every aspect of our EHR solutions is built with your teams in mind.

Cloud Hosted

Minimize IT tasks and automate backups of patient data.

Web Based / Mobile First

Accessible via web-connected devices like a tablet, users can gather patient data quickly and accurately via a touch screen interface.

Document with Confidence

Cognitive prompting, supports and guides physicians and nurses in sync with their real-time comprehensive documentation.

Built-in ICD-10 Coding

Access a centrally housed system of diagnosis codes, including conditions and diseases, injuries, signs and symptoms, and more.

Rapid Charts

Manage patient status and department processes at a glance.

Real-Time Reporting and Insights

Filter customizable results for quick, actionable patient care.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

View insurance eligibility to expedite patient care and accelerate medication prescriptions.

Efficient Patient Scheduling

Manage patient appointment and referrals from a single touchpoint.
Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer placed on top of an orange table
For Medical Teams

Achieve Operational Efficiency Across Departments

When emergency rooms aren’t functioning at their full capability, patient care suffers. Juno EHR for Emergency Services improves the operation of emergency care by monitoring practice performance and patient experience. We’ve developed a seamless patient registration process and established content-driven documentation so your clinicians can make the most informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

Clinician accessing patient records from tablet device
For Your Organization

Access Patient Records on Any Device

Need to access patient data on the fly? Our hardware-agnostic EHR solutions integrate fully into your existing technology so you can use them wherever you are, in and out of the emergency room. Custom configuration on your desktop, mobile workstations, tablets, and beyond make it simple to get your entire staff on the same virtual page in seconds. 

For Your Bottom Line

Oversee Financial Management Reporting 

Managing complex reporting for healthcare organizations of any size is no easy feat. But with the right tools, you can be sure your finance department is equipped with the technology to manage revenue, calculate deficits, and analyze opportunities for organizational growth.